Battery-powered lawn mowers are making a big push in the market. When buying cordless lawnmowers, it is significantly essential to consider the right voltage. The most common battery voltage for mowers is 40v and 80v. But which one should you go for, between 40v vs. 80v batteries? Before selecting, you need to know the difference.

The key difference between 40v and 80v mowers is their power and efficiency. Undoubtedly, 80v mowers come with a higher voltage, more power, and more efficiency than 40v.

Below, I will compare 40 volt vs. 80 volt lawn mower, helping you make a precise decision.

40v vs. 80v Lawn Mower – What is the Main Difference?

This section focuses on the prime differences of 40v vs. 80v lawn mower. Read carefully as the buying decision depends on the below factors significantly.


Both 40v and 80v mowers deliver good performance, but when the question comes which provides overall better performance, the vote will go to the 80v.

The overall working of a lawn mower depends on the electric force. Always remember that more electric force means better performance. In this case, 80v offers more electric force, which makes it superior to 40v mowers.

Happily, smart cut technology is one of the best features of both 40v and 80v mowers. This feature provides more power, helping you mow the grass on rugged and uneven terrains. Impressively, this is a significant technology suitable for the customers as it can ensure that the lawn surface will be even every time after mowing. Due to these characteristics, 40v and 80v mowers can help you get the mowing task done conveniently.

Therefore, 80v wins the battle for its better electric force distribution.

Run time

Run time is one of the essential features of every mower, and it is no exception for a battery-operated lawn mower.

40v mowers come with a run time of 45 minutes. On the other hand, 80v mowers run for 60 minutes. This means that run time is one of the key differences between 80v and 40v mowers.

More run time is better for consumers, allowing you to mow large lawn areas before the next recharge. You will never have to think about swapping or charging the drained battery during the mowing process when you have an 80v mower. Moreover, an 80v mower can easily cut grasses on a large lawn.

But a 40v mower is good for small or medium-sized lawns. If you buy it for a large lawn, you will need to put it for charging as the battery drains faster than 80v.

In summary, the 80v battery is the winner regarding run time because of the better battery capacity.

Size & Weight

You must be wondering that the size and weight of an 80v mower will be larger and heavier. In reality, there is no significant difference between 80v and 40v mowers in size and weight.

Both mower types have decent size and weight, allowing you to move the lawn mowers easily around the lawn. Also, stability and required power are confirmed in both mowers.

So, it is a tie between the two lawn mowers.

Charging Time

The charging time of a lawn mower incredibly depends on its battery voltage.

The 80v mower will take only 30 minutes to get fully charged. Meanwhile, 2 hours is the charging time of a 40v mower.

The fast charging feature helps you reduce downtime. Also, you can get back to work after the battery is completely drained.

However, charge the lawn mower slowly for all voltages to get efficient and safe performance. This way, you can avoid overheating and overcharging to improve the longevity of the lawn mower battery.

Source of Charge

The good news is that both 40v and 80v mowers can be charged with the help of a wide range of charging sources.

You can plug both mowers into your nearest power outlet for charging purposes. Also, they can be charged with a generator. However, keep in mind that putting the generator in economy mode when charging takes assistance from a generator.

In this case, both are the winners.

Noise Level

The decibel level of 40v lawn mowers is less than 80v mowers.

Due to their less noisy nature, 40v mowers have a minimal environmental impact. Since they are not louder, your neighbor will not make a complaint when mowing. Additionally, you can concentrate on the mowing task with 40v mowers, improving your productivity.

Power Level

The 80v mowers are 2X more powerful than the 40v mowers. So, they work with more power and force, letting you complete big jobs in less time. There are a few tasks that an 80v mower can do effortlessly that the 40v mowers cannot manage.

Holding a Charge

In the case of holding a charge, both mowers are fairly well.

The 40v mower is in charge every 2.5 months when not in use. In comparison, 80v mowers must be charged only every 3.5 – 4 months when not used. It means the 80v mowers hold their charge for many days.


Almost all the manufacturers provide at least 4 years of warranty for 40v and 80 mowers.

The warranty comes in handy if the batteries become less powerful. In such situations, you can claim for replacement with the durability clause.

Therefore, both 40v and 80v win the race here.


Price is always a crucial factor in deciding which lawn mower to buy.

When comparing the price, 40v mowers are cheaper than 80v mowers. With enhanced run time, 80v mowers deliver better performance in comparison to 40v. For the 80v mowers overall improved performance and features, they are highly-priced.

Is 80v Better than 40v?

There is a popular belief that bigger means better. With this conception, 80v is better than 40v. Read the below points, which will give you a clear answer to the headlined question.

· I already stated that 80v mowers are more powerful than 40v mowers. This means that 80v offers more torque. As a result, you can comfortably handle various tough mowing tasks.

· More powerful doesn’t mean that they are designed only for tougher jobs. Lowering the output of the 80v mower is also possible to let you accomplish the smallest jobs.

· Certain mowing tasks are quite impossible without higher voltage. There’s no point in buying a mower if it can’t even perform its function!

· 80v mowers are well-known for their quick charging time, and many consumers prefer them for this particular reason over 40v mowers.

· Good runtime is another impressive feature that makes the 80v mowers preferable to 40v mowers. Long runtime assists a property owner in taking care of a large lawn without much effort.

However, 40v also has a few benefits listed below,

· 40v lawn mowers are cheaper than 80v mowers.

· 40v mowers can efficiently handle the mowing task of small or medium-sized lawns.

· The lightweight feature of a 40v mower lets a customer roam around the lawn without the hassle. Also, these mowers are compact, allowing easy maneuvering throughout the lawn.

Before deciding whether 80v is better than 40v mowers, the most important thing is to understand your requirement and check the lawn size. Based on that, decide which mower fits most.


Is 80v more powerful than 60v?

Yes, 80v mowers are more powerful than 60v. The 80-volt battery provides about 25% more power than the 60-volt battery. At the same time, 80v mowers will provide more torque than 60v mowers, giving you the flexibility to complete a mowing job easily.

How long does it take to charge an 80-volt battery?

The charging time of an 80v battery is half an hour. The fast charging option permits you to complete your jobs quickly as you won’t have to wait long hours between charge cycles.

Are 40v lithium batteries interchangeable?

Depending on the battery type, voltage, capacity, and manufacturer, 40v lithium-ion batteries are interchangeable. For example, Ryobi and Kobalt are both owned by Lowe’s. For this reason, their 40v lithium batteries are compatible with each other. You can use Kobalt 40v lawn mower batteries in Ryobi lawn mowers.

Last Words

Both 40v vs. 80v lawn mowers are efficient and good in their performance. When buying a battery-powered lawn mower, ask yourself what your priority is. 40v mowers are more numerous, less powerful, lightweight, and affordable in price. Thus, it is ideal for small to medium-sized lawns and consumers with a tight budget.

In comparison, 80v mowers are designed for larger jobs with their more powerful, long runtime, and quick charging features.

What you need will depend on the scope of work you plan to tackle.