Paying attention to the voltage is one of the crucial factors when buying a lawn mower. By using lawn mowers, consumers are able to cut the grass evenly. The machines cut the grass with rotating blades.

In order to cut grass, lawn mowers either use plug-in mode powered or battery-powered motors, which provide the necessary power. Almost all lawn mowers come with mulching capabilities as well as side discharges or bags for collecting grass that has been cut. This article will discuss the lawn mowers made by one of the most reputable companies, "Greenworks." 60v Vs 40v lawn mower: what is the best option?

As a leading manufacturer of lawn mowers, Greenworks offer a variety of machines that suit the preferences of each consumer. Here you will see the difference between 40v and 60v lawn mowers, as well as their overall features. Well, let’s discover it below.

60v Vs 40v Lawn Mower - What Is The Difference?

People always ask, what is the difference between a 40v and a 60v lawn mower? Both are usually battery-powered lawn mowers with high strength standards. Actually, each 60v and 40v model produces quality products for its consumers in its own way. Let's go through each model's features in more detail below.


In the garden, lawn mowers cut grass neatly and efficiently to create a more attractive and more organized garden. Greenworks 40v vs 60v mower has the difference that volt supplies power to the entire machine. We all know that voltage plays a vital role in the machine's performance.

Also, both the 60V and 40V mowers are equipped with automatic cutting technology. When grass needs extra power & electric force, both are capable of providing more power. In this regard, Greenworks 60v is the clear winner.

Here, Greenworks 60 volt would have an edge because it has a higher voltage than the 40 volt lawn mower. Additionally, a higher voltage will power the engine and speed up the process of cutting a lawn into perfect shape.

Battery Life

The battery life of both Greenworks 60V versus 40V lawn mowers is approximately 60 minutes for every charge. Most lawn mowers can cut grass for up to 60 minutes, regardless of how much space they have to cover. The machine's run time determines how fast it can power a mower, cut grass, and mow a large area.

Most consumers compare the battery lifetimes of lawn mowers to determine which is most suitable for their lawn. In order to cover a large area, the machine needs to run for a more extended period of time before requiring charging again. Therefore, in my opinion, the Greenworks 60v lawn mower and 40v lawn mower battery are equally competitive.


Weight is also an important factor when choosing a lawn mower. To maintain a good lawn, it is necessary for the user to walk around while cutting the grass. Using a lawn mower that is too heavy can cause fatigue, which leads to stopping in the middle. A 60-volt lawn mower weighs around 60 lbs, while a 40-volt mower weighs around 37.50 lbs.

Compared to Greenworks 60v lawn mower, Greenworks 40v lawn mower has a lighter weight, so the user would also experience less fatigue. Therefore, I believe that the Greenworks 40v lawn mower is the winner in this section by a wide margin.

Building Material

Both 40v vs 60v mowers are made of steel, resulting in a heavy product and providing good stability for the machine. In comparison to plastic-built lawn mowers, steel lawn mowers can easily remove dust. In addition to providing a long service life for the mower, steel extends its durability as well.

On the topic of lawn mower material, Greenworks makes a solid product, so both 60v and 40v can be considered when shopping for lawn mowers. If you are considering purchasing a lawn mower, run time is a crucial factor, but building materials are also necessary.

Due to the parameter, both lawn mowers can cut the grass quickly, as well as save energy and time for later use. Therefore, there is no doubt Greenworks 60v and 40v lawn mowers share a tie.

Easily Removable Batteries

There are removable batteries available for both the 60v and the 40v models of the Greenworks lawn mower. Having the ability to easily remove and recharge the batteries is a handy feature - instead of charging the batteries at a charging station.

However, adding a detachable battery to your lawn mower is a good idea. Additionally, removable batteries are beneficial because they are easy to charge & reduce fatigue for the user. In this case, the machine must be charged & the batteries cannot be removed. Initially, the user has difficulty moving the lawn mower to the power outlet and starting the battery charge.

Thus, in my opinion, the 60v lawn mowers and the 40v lawn mowers are tied because of offering removable battery options.


In addition to the quality of a lawn mower machine, warranty and durability are also important factors to consider. A Greenworks 60v and a Greenworks 40v lawn mower have a 4-year warranty. Considering the lawnmower power, design, and battery usage, this is really impressive.

In addition to the warranty, both 60v Vs 40v machines will deliver better results as well. The durability of the device allows consumers to replace any part of the lawn mower that wears out with no need to shell out any extra cash. Luckily, there is also the same warranty period between 60v vs 80v mower. Therefore, I think it's another tie between the 60 volts and 40 volts lawn mowers.

How Long Does A 40V Lawn Mower Last?

If you have a 40-volt battery for your lawn mower, you've got the lithium-ion battery, obviously. Lithium-ion batteries typically last between 40 minutes to an hour per charge, and they are rechargeable approximately 500 times during their lifespan. Generally, a 40-volt lawn mower battery is expected to last between 3 to 5 years for loyal users.

Even though there are many factors involved, usage behavior, proper charging, and storage are the keys to extending battery life the longest possible. Basically, cycles of charging & discharging determine the lifespan of a battery. In general, 40 volt batteries have a lifespan of 2000 cycles on average.

How Long Does A 60V Lawn Mower Last?

With the Greenworks 60v power battery, you will achieve maximum performance as like all 60v Greenworks tools. Although batteries are considered consumables, when stored correctly, they should last roughly 1000 cycles (charges from 0% to 100%).

Fortunately, the average user would be able to use this 60v lawn mower for many years. The good news is that you can mow your lawn for a long time before recharging your 60 volt battery. Nevertheless, the time varies depending on several factors, but under normal conditions, lawnmowers typically operate for an hour at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is higher voltage better for cordless lawn mowers?

Yes. Cordless lawn mowers are better than self propelled electric lawn mowers. Battery powered lawn mowers have power ranges between 36 and 120 volts. The blade of a model with insufficient power may slacken while cutting weed/grass, especially if it is challenging. A lawnmower with a higher voltage can produce more power necessary to drive self-propelled wheels.

Is a 40v lawn mower good?

Yes, of course. For ordinary users, a 40v lawn mower is a good choice. Greenworks' self-propelled 40-volt brushless cross cut professional lawn mower mulches very well. This mower cuts smaller pieces than the other 40-volt mowers, so it can penetrate the grass deeper and more effectively.

Is an 80v mower better than 60V?

Sure. 80v mowers are more powerful compared to 60v mowers. In comparison to a lower voltage system, a higher voltage is more energy-efficient. Due to less resistance loss at the same power draw, 80v lawn mower performance is better.

However, the actual power that can be delivered by each size of battery depends on several variables, including grass conditions & mower design. As a general rule, 80v lawn mowers have better electric force than 60v lawn mowers.

Are Greenworks 40V and 60V batteries interchangeable?

If all batteries are part of the Greenworks 60V series, then 40V and 60V batteries can be interchangeable undoubtedly. All Greenworks batteries, recharging devices, machines, and accessories are compatible & interchangeable among themselves.

The Bottom Line

Which will be the better choice between 60v Vs 40v lawn mower? Having compared the Greenworks 60v and 40v lawn mowers, the two are not significantly different from one another.

However, both batteries are removable and have a smart cut system that provides everyone good power and stability. Although, the consumer's expectations determine how the machine will perform. There is a major difference between these two models when it comes to the battery setup, where people prefer 60v.

Finally, I would like to say you should go with your preferred one depending on your personal choice. “Enjoy Your Sweet Home.”