Hello, It’s me, William Nelson, and I welcome you all to my gardening site. Here you will find all the latest information about gardening tools, tips, and plants. I’m the founder and chief researcher plus writer in productreview.xyz. I work along with my fellow teammate Andrew Joseph, who has a gardening instrument selling shop in CA.

I’m a gardening enthusiast and passionate. You know that passion for something comes through immense love and care. The story is similar to mine.

My Love for Gardening:

I was first drawn to gardening when my parents maintained a small garden in our yard in California.

My elder sister Nelly and my parents would grow tomatoes, lettuce, cabbages, and even a few rose plants there. I could still remember the 1st day when I found a tomato in the plant I had sewn a couple of months ago.

As I grew up, I’ve developed a greater affinity for gardening. Thus, I decided to have higher education in gardening. Consequently, I completed my graduation in Agricultural Sciences from Auburn University. During my graduation, I truly loved working with different plants, seeds, gardening technologies, and, more importantly, recipes for Eco-friendly agriculture.

My Career:

After completing my graduation in agricultural science, I started my career as a gardening expert in a California-based ranch where organic meat and food production was the key. I was responsible for looking after wheat and hops production there and boosted production by 8% on average with organic materials.

Nonetheless, with 4+ years of experience on the ranch, I shifted my job to another agricultural farm. There I was associated with the production of vegetables. I learned great notes and truly acknowledged the farm’s contribution to my career and gardening skills.

Currently, I’m working for another Californian agricultural farm as a researcher and advisor for Eco-friendly and organic food production. Also, I’ve established this website to help my fellow gardeners with their problems both on residential and commercial premises.

Why Did I Start this Website?

I’ve been on commercial gardening farms for over ten years now. Also, I’ve set up a small garden around my home. I’ve found that commercial and residential garden doesn’t follow the same recipe for success. Also, during my long career, I have become the go-to person for my friends and neighbors regarding any gardening problems, solutions, and suggestions.

For instance, I always receive questions like, “Which are the essential tools for gardening? “When should I water my plants, at morning or night? Which fertilizer and nutrient are required for growing cabbages and cauliflowers?”

I’ve always tried to answer these questions sincerely. Also, during my long-expansive career, I’ve learned that both newbie and expert gardeners suffer from expert advice at some point in their gardening career.

So, I felt that I could help them out with my experience and enthusiasm for gardening. And what’s the result? Yes, the result is the productreview.xyz.

My Teammate:

Currently, I’ve one team member with me. Yes, Andrew Joseph works as the shopkeeper here with great knowledge and skills on different gardening tools, products, plants, etc., with their most valuable features, pros and cons, and performance.

So, here’s the responsibility we share:

Researcher and Writer:

I’m the sole researcher and writer in productreview.xyz. Here’s a breakdown of my research and working procedure:

• I browse the internet, different agricultural blogs, and forums, including Quora and Reddit, to find the topics that gardeners look for the answer to. I then categorize themselves according to importance from the most to least.

• After that, I gathered information about the selected topics. My experience helps me in this regard. Also, I collect information from fellow gardeners and experts to prepare the most detailed and informative write-ups.

• I cover the common gardening problems, essential gardening items, top American plants for gardening, troubleshoots, seasonal suggestions for gardeners, etc. So, here you will find the most updated and useful articles on your gardening.

Andrew Joseph:

Andrew Joseph is a good topic and suggestion adviser in productreview.xyz. He has also been in the gardening sector for 12+ years now. He has been in the agricultural fields and has used almost all the top gardening tools, including pruners, trowels, shovels, gardening rakes, rain gauges, seeders, etc.

He has completed his course on the Diploma in Garden Design and Maintenance from the Californian Institute of Poly Technique.

He is responsible for the following works:

• Review the latest gardening tools and products thoroughly to offer the visitors the most reliable and authentic information.

• Suggest different products for different types of farming and gardening requirements.

• He also works with me to highlight the proper uses, applications, and maintenance of different gardening products. So, you will love the suggested products for sure.