Electric lawn mowers come with an extension cord that lets you connect the lawnmower with the electrical outlet and work on your lawn. Since the cord of these electric lawnmowers is often long, people often run over or stand on the card. Thus, the incidents of electric lawnmower run over cords aren't rare.

But is it dangerous to run over an electric lawnmower cord?

Thankfully, the cords or cables of the electric mowers are made from premium materials, and it comes from high-end manufacturers. It is made to withstand heavy-duty uses. Similarly, it should survive human weight. However, a damaged cord can still cause serious inconsequence and might even stop the lawnmower from working properly and safely.

Thus, you need to learn why a lawnmower stops to work and troubleshoot to help the lawnmower work perfectly in your garden.

Today's article will discuss the possible happenings when something runs over the power cord. Also, we will discuss the possible reasons and solutions for a damaged or malfunctioning device in your garden.

So, let's get to it.

Electric Lawn Mower Run Over Cord: What to Do

Electric lawnmowers are used widely to cut and mulch the grass faster and better. It helps you in maintaining your lawn and yard in immaculate condition. However, the long cord of these devices can often be a problem.

You might run over the cable. Also, at times heavier objects might fall or trip over the cord. So, is it dangerous?

The short answer is no. If you accidentally run over the cable, it won't harm you. Firstly, most electric cords are designed and manufactured following the Power Supply Safety Standards in the USA and worldwide.

Thus, all-electric equipment and cable have three different classes according to their safety standard and associated hazards. In Class I, all cables and tools have standard and basic insulation to protect the users from electric shocks. Next up, reinforced insulation is used to manufacture Class II electric cables and tools for maximum shock protection. Finally, in Class III, most electrical equipment is designed to work with Safety Extra Low Voltage (SEPL) electric port or circuit. Since the electric port lacks enough voltage for any hazards, it is safe from shocks.

So, now, let's put this knowledge in terms of cords used in the electric lawnmower. The cords used in these devices are mostly Class II. So, the cords have reinforced and developed insulation to inherently protect you from electric shocks even if you run over the cord.

What's more, the electric outlet used at home mostly has Class III safety standards. So, these ports don’t provide enough electricity to cause any electrical hazards. It means even if you accidentally put your feet on an electric lawnmower cord, you should stay safe.

Also, when you work outside, you will most probably wear shoes or sandals. The outsole of the shoes or sandals has optimum shock protection. Thus, it will further safeguard your feet from the cords of the mowers.

Nonetheless, we recommend you use shock-absorbent and electrical-hazard-proof work boots while using the lawnmower. It will be useful for protection even if you run over the cord.

And now, let's look at the opposite side of the perspective. What happens when the electric lawn mower runs over any cords?

Well, these machines are heavyweight. Also, the tires of these machines are large. These are truly made to go over anything that comes in front of it. It will, therefore, damage any cords if it runs over the cable.

Safety measures for using lawnmower electric cords:

Undoubtedly, electric lawnmowers are high-performing and fast-working to cut through grasses in the yard. It is helpful to keep your lawn, yard, or garden in good and attractive condition. But, a damaged cord of the machine can cause some inconveniences.

It brings us to the importance of safety measures for these devices and their cords. The list includes:

• Don't run the machine from your home's regular indoor electric port. These ports have more electricity supply and might cause electric shocks. Instead, you might install a Class III outlet in your outdoor for the machine.

• You can also use a GFCI protected circuit for the lawnmowers. You can purchase and use a standalone GFCI device for the machines. Connect the machine's wire with one port of the GFCI device and then connect the GFCI device with the regular outlet. The GFCI devices refer to ground-fault circuit interrupter devices. Thus, it will prevent overpowering the cord. It is a great safety measure for the device and you at the same time.

• The cord might move on the ground. Thus, it is tempting to staple the cable on the ground to stop its movement. However, you must not perform such stapling works with the cords of your electric lawnmower. It will damage the cord and expose it to the external environment. So, it will become prone to electrical hazards.

When the wire gets damaged, the device might stop working. At that time, you need to replace the damaged cord to help the machine work properly. Also, there can be other causes behind a frequently stopping lawnmower at times. We will discuss them in the next section of this discussion.

Why Does My Electric Lawn Mower Keep Stopping?: Top 5 Reasons

Apart from the run over lawnmower cable, the machine might malfunction for many reasons. So, let's see them, including the problem associated with the power cable. It will be useful to maintain the device properly and extend its performance and lifespan.

Damaged power cable:

You might not see any physical damage when you run over the cable due to its sturdy build quality. But, the cord might get damaged internally. It happens due to frequent and inappropriate cord handling that includes pushing, flexing and pulling the cable.

As the power cord gets damaged, it will fail to consistently supply adequate electricity to the machine. Thus, the machine will start stopping and malfunctioning. Since you can't figure out the internal damage with bare eyes, you need to use a multimeter to test the cord.

Finally, the power cord might get cut out entirely. So, naturally, the lawnmower will stop working without any electricity supply. At that time, you must replace the entire power cord to start the machine once again.

Loose connection:

This is a simple reason but is often overlooked by the owners. Yes, a loose connection between the electric outlet and the device's power cord will stop the mower from working. As the connection gets loose, the machine won't start. Even if it starts, the loose connection might force the device to stop in the middle of the maintenance process on your lawn.

The loose connection might happen due to the following reasons:

1. Fraying on the wire

2. Damage to the power outlet

3. Corrosion around the electric outlet

When you see such fraying or corrosion on the wire or in its cord and electric outlet, you will need to replace it. Otherwise, it might malfunction the entire machine. Therefore, we suggest checking the wire and the outlet before connecting the machine. It will also help you prevent any hazards if the outlet is damaged.

Clogged vents and outlets:

The vents that will connect the machine's wire might become clogged due to dirt and residues. Similarly, the outdoor power port of your home may become clogged. It happens due to infestation of pests at home or residual development.

Whatever may be the case, a blocked vent on the lawnmower or in the power outlet will force the device to stop abruptly. At the worst, the machine won't start at all. So when you see the device stopping frequently, you should check the vents and outlets. If it has blockades, you should clean off the vent and help the mower work appropriately.

Irresponsive power switch:

Due to overuse or improper maintenance, the power switch of the lawnmower becomes irresponsive. Consequently, the device won't start. Thus, when you see all the reasons aren't applicable, you must check the power switch.

You can easily detect the problem with the switch. If the problem is in the power switch, the machine will start and shut down almost instantly. You need to consult a mechanic to replace the switch if it happens.

A failed motor:

At the worst, the motor of your lawnmower might get damaged and fail. And it is a frustrating issue as replacing the motor is no cheap investment. Thus, you might even need to get a new machine.

Final Words

The electric lawn mower run over cord won't cause you serious problems unless you damage or cut it accidentally. The wire is made with premium materials following the safety standards for electrical wire and tools in America.

Nonetheless, a damaged power wire will force the mower from stopping appropriately. Plus, the damaged vents, outlets, and failed motor might stop the machine from working. So, you need to look at these problems and solve them for an optimal lawn mowing experience. Also, use the machine with a GFCI device for the best safety from electrical hazards.