How does a lawnmower hour meter work? You were looking for the answer, and here you are. We have an in-depth discussion about the hour meter of a riding mower here. Hopefully, you can fulfill your thirst for knowledge about how the hour meter works properly.

In short, an hour meter or counter is a time tracking device installed onto the lawnmower engine. It can show you how long the engine is running. Also, you can learn the competence of the engine and save money with the best utilization of fuel.

We have explained the activities and variations of an hour meter, installation, and several essential facts regarding the topic in this article. Additionally, there is bonus info waiting for you at the end of the article. So, please stick with us and enjoy the hour meter functions.

What is a Lawn Mower Hour Meter?

An hour meter is a beneficial device to track or record the running time. It has either mechanical or LCD showing details of tracked time. Again, most meters show time in a specific form, like an hour or tenth of an hour. When you read the meter, you can estimate the machine's maintenance cost. Also, it helps to let you know that system is functional at the right time.

Lawnmower hour meters are connected to the electrical system. So, it needs the power of fuel or electricity to run. Again, it won’t show any info or work when the engine is off.

Many engineers and technicians benefit from using the hour meter of a lawn cutter. Sometimes, a user needs to pay for running the hour meter for special professional purposes. However, they are easy to install and read by yourself. Generally, these meters work with gas or electric motor-based engines.

Types of Hour Meters to Work with a Lawn Mower

You can find different hour meters to work with the lawn grass cutter. They can be categorized by their power, display, design, and data functions. These are some stand verities of a mower hour meter:

• AC-powered meters are suitable for riding and non-electrical lawnmowers. DC-powered devices are good for machines requiring direct current (DC).

• Electromechanical counters indicate the engine runtime by hours and a tenth of an hour. LCD gauge can show more units or features.

• You can find different shapes of time trackers like rectangular or round shapes.

• Some meters show hourly runtime, whereas others may offer more combinations like volt per hour.

We assume you have the basics of an hour meter. Let us share the core topic of this article.

How to Setup and Install an Hour Meter to Make it Work

As you have the hour meter in your hand, you should install it properly on your machine.

• The installation requires the basic concept of lawnmower body parts. Also, you should keep things like plastic bags, tape, drills, wires/cables, and a screwdriver.

• Now, wrap the wire around the engine's spark plug to get the best results. You can get two screws, a long cable, and two zip ties in the package.

• Next, bring additional items out of the box and place them on the table. Then, you can attach the meter to versatile places of the mower. It helps to check out the meter easily.

• Find out the machine’s plastic parts. Then, place the hour meter, and mark the holes using a nail. Cover all the holes on your device using plastic bags. Do it before creating a tiny hole using the drilling bit. Then, screw the meter.

• Wrap the cable around the spark plug. Pull it tightly, and zip tie till you remove the excess. Then, connect the cable between the spark plug and the hour meter with the help of tape.

• Lastly, remove the used plastic bag and test the time tracker.

How Does a Lawnmower Hour meter work?

Hour meter of a lawnmower is nothing strange thing. Most lawnmower owners use the device to know how long they run their mowers.

An hour meter works by recording and displaying tracking details from turning the engine on till shutdown. The counter can keep data of every moment you use the lawn cutting machine.

You need to connect the device to the machine’s electrical system. Once you join it and turn on the engine, it will start working. Electromechanical hour counters can count the runtime as an hour or 1/6th of an hour. It means you can learn your machine is running as an hour segment or per 10 minutes segment. On the other hand, meters with LCD can provide more accurate data about runtime. Also, you can measure the data by more units like volts per hour.

If the lawnmower runs with direct current (depending on some models), you can use the hour meter by connecting it to the power source of the engine. Consequently, most meters work with batteries’ AC power. Therefore, you can calculate how much time the engine runs on the quantity of fuel you have used. It helps to identify the total cost to cover the whole lawn or garden. Also, it is a money-saving idea in terms of upkeep.

Benefits of a Lawnmower Hour Meter

A working hour meter is significant, especially in the harsh time of leveling the lawn. You can attach it to almost all the popular lawn mowers like Ariens, Husqvarna, Honda, and so on.

If you don’t know how the hour meter works, you may fall into different problems. Therefore, you should contact an expert to know how the specific meter will work. Also, the expert will tell you which working hour meter is suitable for your machine. After all, investing in an hour meter can benefit your lawn maintenance project.

Earlier, people didn’t show interest in checking the engine's runtime. So, they had more enormous expenditures. Also, unspecific runtime led the engine to have difficulties in proper performance. Learn about some of the perks of a meter hour:

• It saves fuel, battery charge, and money by showing correct information.

• It gives an accurate idea of how much oil you should use in the next run.

• It can work as an alert to take care of a lawn mower's engine and other body parts.

• It can work as a warning of when you should turn off the engine or take a break.

• It can bring you a good resale value of the mower as it can log all runtime, age, and condition data.

• You may claim the warranty of your machine by maintaining total runtime.

• Professional services can earn money by renting their lawn cutters and charging per runtime hour.

Factors to Specify a Working Hour Meter

You can easily find affordable and top-notch hour meters at the stores. Also, you have the scope of choosing among different types of devices. Hence, you should follow these below factors before installing the hour meter:

• Power Source is an important fact to keep the hour counter working. If you choose a digital meter, a power outage can collapse all the data or make the reading tougher. Alternatively, an electromechanical one will still work even if there is a power outage.

• Build quality is essential for both analog and digital hour counters. You can compare them by their accuracy, power usage, vibration, heat capacity, etc.

• LCD hour meters can have shorter details than analogs. But both can attach to thinner panels.

• The LCD one is fully silent, whereas the analog meter is less silent in noise an on-off cycle. But you can ignore this fact as the mower will already create more noise.

• Meters running on alternative current have three terminal styles.

• Electromechanical devices are more accurate for longer runtime as they are designed to track total runtime. If you need to switch the meter rapidly, you may choose an instant-start LCD meter.

• LCD hour meters are preferable for low-depth, flexible, and noise-free operation. But it doesn’t work when the engine is off.

Can You Reset a Lawn Mower Hour Meter?

Things may appear a bit different after a certain time. Likewise, the hour meter may not work properly or may provide inaccurate reports. In such cases, resetting the device can be a good idea.

You can reset an hour meter for the lawnmower. You can see a reset or toggle button placed bottom right corner of the display. Now, hold this button for several like 5-8 seconds. Eventually, you will see the meter reading all zeros (like 00000). After that, you can release the button. Your hour tracker is reset.

You may also push that button to switch between different modes. Thus, your time tracker for lawnmower will work again smoothly.

Best Lawnmower for Hour Meter Installation

Husqvarna manufactures an extensive range of gardening tools and equipment. They are popular for their lawnmowers as these machines work like a beast. Besides lawn cutters, you can find Husqvarna chainsaws, blowers, and other gardening tools.

The lawnmower from this company suits most analog and electromechanical hour meters. Significantly, the riding lawnmower runtime can be easily tracked with the meters. Also, you can quickly install them on Husqvarna lawnmowers.

How to Read Hour Meter on Husqvarna Riding Mower?

You can get an hour-meter reading on a Husqvarna riding mower in simple ways. Even if the mower is not running, leaving the key in the ON position can provide you with the reading.

These situations may be like below when you can still read the meter:

• Your machine is run out of fuel.

• You have forgotten to turn off the engine while you have moved to arrange more fuel.

• Accidentally you hit the key and left it to ON position while turning off the lawnmower.

You can read the data on the meter and calculate the engine hour. A good example can be 3600 seconds X 1800 RPM. It will be equal to 1 engine hour. If you run the engine at 3600 RPM, it informs that the gear chalks up an engine hour in 30 clock minutes.

Final Verdict

We have covered full information about “how a lawn mower hour meter works”. We have also included many relevant subtopics of an hour meter, like the installation to reset.

This article has also learned the types and benefits of time tracking devices as bonuses. Our suggestion will be to check the meter's instruction manual to know how it functions. We hope you will get the best functional device for the mower.

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Thank you so much, and have a bright day!