Are you a lawnmower or lawn tractor owner? Then, it’s essential to care for every part, even the smallest one of the mowers, for consistent application. Likewise, you should think of a valve stem, a small but essential part of a tire to keep it inflated. It helps to add or remove air to the tire. But a common question appears when we define the valve stem: “what is the lawn mower valve stem size?”

A lawn mower valve stem can control the tire air pressure, keeping it good performing. Hence, the valve stem sizes depend on the size of the mower tire. The most common sizes of valve stems are ¾”, ½”, and 1”. Again, you can check the mower manual to know the size of this small part.

I always try to assist the gardeners or people who aspire to keep things organized well. That’s why I am here to add some essential information about the size of a valve stem. You will also learn about John Deere and Craftsman valve stem as a bonus. So, stay with me to know exciting things starting with the basics of the stem.

Lawn mower Valve Stem

The main function of a lawnmower valve stem is to be responsible for tire inflation and deflation. It is built in a way to maintain the proper inflation levels. If you can install the right size valve stem, it will increase the lifespan of a tire.

Generally, it is made of metal and rubber. It protrudes from the lawnmower tire and looks like the thinnest pipe with a minor radius, allowing it to enter or exit the air from the tube. You can find several types of valve stem used in versatile vehicles. Schrader valve is standard for bikes and motorbikes. Again, Presta valve stems are suitable for high-end vehicles.

The construction of a valve stem mostly depends on the type you want to use. For example, if your lawnmower has tubeless tires, you can consider the valve stem as a separate accessory. It is possible that the valve stem can wear over time. You should replace the old one with a new one in this case with perfect size.

The Size of Riding Lawn Mower Valve Stem

Mostly in lawnmowers, the shallow tires need a lengthy valve stem. If the valve is not so long, you can extend the tire’s diameter with any valve extender. Some popular valve stems are the TR413 and TR415 series. Consequently, they could handle up to 60 PSI or 4.1 bars in the early days. But they are now rated for increased pressure capacity of 65 PSI or 6.4 bar.

The typical TR13 valve stem is suitable for tire tubes of any passenger, front and lawn tractor, light truck, and other vehicles. It is available in a 1.38” size made of rubber material without any center section. It can also easily fit any 0.453” rim hole. Overall, this stem is close to perfect for riding lawnmowers. But you may get a larger one if your mower needs it.

However, the below chart can give you a better idea:

Standard Valve Stem Size Chart

Model NameLengthBase WidthStem DiameterInflation Pressure (PSI)Used On (Rim hole)
TR131.38”2.20”0.46”600.445” or 0.631”
TR151.38”2.20”0.65”600.618” or 0.633”
TR3001.76”2.28”0.61”1500.618” or 0.633”
TR JS21.02” with 70° bend2.20”1.31”600.445” or 0.631”
TR61.36”1.77”0.45”600.333” or 0.453”
JS 890.49” with 90° bend2.20”2.01” 0.445” or 0.631”

All these are different models of valve stems. They have some extra features like:

TR13Offers support for 0.618” or .633” rim holes suitable for most industrial tubes, light trucks
TR15Suitable for industrial tubes, light trucks, and passenger vehicles
TR 300Recommended for high-pressure tubeless tires
TR JS2Not recommended for liquid ballast gold choice for industrial trucks and trailers
TR6It comes with external threads and two locknutsPreferable for AVT and LG applications
JS 89Recommended for industrial vehicles

Different Diameter Valve Stems

Besides the basics I have included in the upper charts, you can find other valve stem types. Tubeless snap-in valves for standard and high pressures and high-pressure metal clamp-in valves are standard.

Tubeless Standard Rubber Snap-In Valves

These valves have a standard cold tire inflation pressure of 65PSI. You can use them in passenger vehicles, light trucks, and trailers. Usually, these valves are 7/8” to 2-1/2” long. So, you can install them into 0.453″ or .625″ rim holes.

Some exceptional valves may have chrome sleeves and metal clops. These things help to match the custom or alloy wheels look. Other standard rubber snap-in valves have a cover of plastic.

Size Chart

Industry Value NumberMaximum Inflation Pressure (PSI)Efficient LengthWheel Hole Diameter

Tubeless High-Pressure Rubber Snap-In Valves

You can find these snap-in valves in most medium and heavy-duty trucks and trailers. The recommended cold tire inflation pressure can be higher than 65”. In easy words, these valve stems are good where standard valves fail to bear maximum inflation. Therefore, the max cold inflation pressures are gradually 80 PSI and 100 PSI for rim holes of 0.453” and 0.625” respectively.

The valve stems are suitable for steel wheels. They have a metal barrel and a plastic cap with a thick rubber base. The length of these valves is 1¼” to 2” long.

Size Chart

Industry Value NumberMaximum Inflation Pressure (PSI)Efficient LengthWheel Hole Diameter

High-Pressure Metal Clamp-In Valves

You can use these valve stems on any wheel. After all, these are best for any track activities, especially when the vehicle speed is more than 130mph. A rubber eyelet will cover the wheel when you tighten the retaining nut on the metal valve in these stems.

These retaining nuts on the valve offer some facilities. You can examine or change them without removing the tire. Largely, the maximum inflation pressure capacity of the metal valves is 200 PSI. This pressure is for 0.453″ or 0.625″ rim holes.

These metal valves come with a metal cap suitable for straight or bent configs. It helps to fit wheels with bizarre forms. Lastly, you can use the low-profile or lightweight clamp-in valves in racing cars.

John Deere vs. Craftsman Lawn Tractor Valve Stem

John Deere Lawn Tractor Valve Stem Size

If you own a John Deere lawn tractor, you may be wondering what size valve stem you need. The answer depends on the model of your tractor. The most common valve stem size for John Deere lawn tractors is ¾”, but some models may require a ½” or 1” valve stem. You can check the owner’s manual for your specific model to be sure.

Craftsman Lawn Tractor Valve Stem Size

The valve stem size requirements depend on the tractor model. Some models use a standard-size valve stem, while others use a larger size. You can usually find the valve stem size listed in your owner’s manual. If you can’t find it there, check with your local Craftsman dealer. Usually, a Craftsman lawn tractor requires a valve stem of 3/8”.


So, have you found the article easy? Can you guess what would be the lawn mower valve stem size now? I suggest you check the manual first; then, you can follow this article.

If you need to replace the valve stem on your lawn tractor, take it to a professional mechanic. They can properly size the new valve stem and install it correctly.